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Returning to the blog

After a year feeling too uninspired to keep contributing to the existing blog, this is a fresh start. Having recently left NSW DEC to enjoy some time off and become a house dad, I’ve realised how much I miss contributing … Continue reading

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Adoption of new technologies

With the release of BlogED into its second month, we are quickly trying to assess its uptake. Since April 25, over 6 000 teachers now have been provisioned , and over 24% have actively built a blog. The rate of uptake … Continue reading

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Demise of the Blog?

A senior colleague often ranted years ago about the death of blogs- (he was always one to bury something when a new fad bit) Andrew Keen and Alan Levines recent comments on blogs, suggest  personal blogs might be dying- like Alan … Continue reading

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Predictions for DET 2010-joining the dots

The  2010 IT predictions  are in, with many hot favourites including: Cloud computing, OER, Mobile devices and virtualisation (including gesture based interfaces).  And of course the Gartner and Horizon reports are always  grounded  and set the script for  the IT … Continue reading

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The DET blog (BlogEd) is nearing full release – dates to be confirmed for Term 4. Below I’ve summarised key features which differentiate it from any ‘open’ blog. I’ll post a slide show after the hols.

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Sustaining narratives for the news age

The planets seemed to align lately with a few converging themes in relation to boredom thresholds and the atomisation of information. Harry Lewis voice at Googalization of Everything- ‘The factoids are not just instant; they are atomic. We keep e-mails … Continue reading

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Week one…

Following our launch of the DET blog trial last week, time to take a moment to reflect on a number of break throughs which have occurred in achieving this. For some it might be a ‘so what’ just another blogging … Continue reading

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Social Media Classroom

Colleague Garth Newton alerted me to this, started by Howard Rheingold late 2008- The Social Media Classroom is a free, open source online teaching tool that incorporates blogs, a wiki, forums, microblogging, social bookmarking, video-sharing, chat, RSS,  within a simple, shared … Continue reading

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Blogs in the institution

On the eve of trialling blogs in NSW DET, I’m wondering after many years of using traditional communications tools (forums, emails, listservs) , what the uptake will be. The use of traditional CMCs has been largely confined to teachers administrative and … Continue reading

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Pondering PLEs

Scott Leslies post on PLEs is a good collation of the elements he has observed when looking at  other PLEs.  Scott’s PLE Wiki is a handy reference point for some of the best representations and thinking in this area. The mistake made … Continue reading

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CoPs- Behaviours

John Smiths diagram [below]-(part of a new book on CoPs authored with Nancy White & Etienne Wegner), to be soon released- looks at the vital behavours of CoPs. The aspects that intrigues me are the open ended conversations, I’m not … Continue reading

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Blogs and Leadership

Often wondered how blogs and leadership interact. Abi Signorelli recently comments on how she has seen the effects blogs have had on  internal leadership. Witnessing the build of trust in her own workplace, and regard/notoriety for many of the senior … Continue reading

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Being digital citizens

Email from colleague Janet Burstall about a ‘Cybernite’ held at her daughters school (for parents and students) regarding being a digital citizen- great initiative. Wonder how many other schools are doing this? Time we (DET) thought of putting together a … Continue reading

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Alan Levine-being there…

Alan‘s presentation on behalf of the AFLF group in Sydney, was a whirlwind trip of Web 2 offerings. After a number of these events-its time to act on how we as educators/administrators can knock down -or at least provide gates … Continue reading

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Filtering education

The noise in the media and from teachers about the NSW Dept Education and Training filtering system, is getting louder. Stephen Downes, Jacinta Gascoigne, Techdirt, Mike Seyfang are all picking up on it from OS. Most teachers we talk with … Continue reading

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Web2 implications for Professional Development

When presenting on the marvels of Web 2 tools Will Richardson relates his frustration that teachers see this as another practice for the classroom and not seeing the crucial step of themselves becoming the practitioners in order to deeply understand-and … Continue reading

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Better than the real thing

Report in Saturdays SMH about the success of Facebook downunder. Interesting that Facebook is apparently becoming more popular with older more middle class users than the ‘youthful’ Youtube/MySpace. Which is ironic when our conservative Liberal Gov. is now saturating YouTube … Continue reading

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Handle in the wind

Inspiring story by Elissa Baxter in the Sydney Morning Herald recently, about a young African (Malawian) guy who left school at 14, built two wind generators with little formal assistance. His work got him an invitation to an international conference … Continue reading

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Blog tiers

Just a quick observation before taking off for five days hols. There seem to be four tiers of bloggers: The occasional (set my blog up- now what next?) The feral (I just want to be heard) The earnest (topic related … Continue reading

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Social Learning 2.0

Comprehensive overview of Web 2 (social learning 2) in the classroom from Terry Anderson’s presentation at this years Ed-Media in Vancouver.

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Cult of the arrogant

Couldn’t help also adding a link to this running disussion from Britannica Blog by Michael Gorman defending ‘authoritative’ publishing. Stirred 31 responses so far to his post-(welcome to the wonders of Web2 Michael) -No wonder with lines like- “The flight … Continue reading

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Blogging (102)

Followed up from Jerry’s Blog, on the issues of blogging as he refers to Ian Delaneys (editor of NMK,) comments on blogging. Ian is a journo and also suffers from working in the business all day then wondering if he … Continue reading

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