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The Decisive moment

The demise of Kodak is a telling story for the digital age. The once near monopoly held by the company has been shattered by its failure to see the potential in its own invention. In its death throws the company … Continue reading

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More on Yammer (2)

With NSW DET Yammer now with over 5 000 users and growing, its now far outpaced more established collaborative tools in DET. After 17 months of Yammer use Deloitte, have hit paydirt with its deployment, as CIO peter Williams declares: … Continue reading

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Adoption of new technologies

With the release of BlogED into its second month, we are quickly trying to assess its uptake. Since April 25, over 6 000 teachers now have been provisioned , and over 24% have actively built a blog. The rate of uptake … Continue reading

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Predictions for DET 2010-joining the dots

The  2010 IT predictions  are in, with many hot favourites including: Cloud computing, OER, Mobile devices and virtualisation (including gesture based interfaces).  And of course the Gartner and Horizon reports are always  grounded  and set the script for  the IT … Continue reading

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Agile methodologies

With the development of the Learning tools for NSW DET there has been building interest about development methodologies. The traditional waterfall method is well in favour by software developers, but change is happening. Rapid application development underpins most Web 2 … Continue reading

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YouTube is finally available to DET NSW teachers- after years of frustration beating on doors. Access will of course allow teachers to plan, research, display and embed YT videos in their resources, within their working context . One giant step…for … Continue reading

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Blogs and Leadership

Often wondered how blogs and leadership interact. Abi Signorelli recently comments on how she has seen the effects blogs have had on  internal leadership. Witnessing the build of trust in her own workplace, and regard/notoriety for many of the senior … Continue reading

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Wait’n for the revolution

A recent seminar on our DER left me wondering (again) how many times I’ve sat through expositions of the wonders of Web2.0 , and how our schools are failing to engage students with technologies of the street. Over the years … Continue reading

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Diffusion of innovation

Gerry White recently recommended  to me Everett Rodgers book on Diffusion of Innovation. Rodgers nominates the 5 categories of adopters- Innovators Early adopters Early majority Late majority Laggards

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Appreciative Enquiry

Reading more on AI recently (methodology for  looking at the health of an organisation).The general philosophy of seeking what is good – positive values in an organisation and the Appreciative Inquiry cycle of Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny can be … Continue reading

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Ubiquitous computing & Smart objects

Flicking through latest edition of Ed Tech (still a must read)- and two articles jumped out.   One on Ubiquitous computing – a term often misused to referring to PDAs etc (inferring mobile rather than truly ubiquitous). Louisa Rosencheck’s article quickly … Continue reading

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More predictions

eLearning Magazine has polled a good X section of commentators. All the posts see Web2 beginning to bite, with integration of tools in different contexts. Jay Cross “2.0” will be appended to everything- and Brent Schenkler reinforces Jays crystal balling … Continue reading

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First lists for 2008

 Back to the Blog  (and work) after being ‘off air’ due to a lightning hit & feeling the need for a break from everything… The Trendsters are making their proclamations for 2008 . Closer to home, Jerry’s list shadowed my experience of … Continue reading

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At work at play…but not in schools

Adrienne Goehler (former Berlin senator for culture/media) recently quoted in a visit to Sydney “ The philosopher Theodor Adorno wrote ‘little distinguishes the intellectual lifestyle so deeply from the bourgeois as the fact that the former does not acknowledge the … Continue reading

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Alan Levine-being there…

Alan‘s presentation on behalf of the AFLF group in Sydney, was a whirlwind trip of Web 2 offerings. After a number of these events-its time to act on how we as educators/administrators can knock down -or at least provide gates … Continue reading

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Re-architecting our spaces

Advantage of being at home and hearing daytime radio (ABC at least), last week on the conversation hour, Richard Fidler interview with architect Tim Hill was a ripper. Hill was responsible for designing the Brisbane Library- yet another boring public … Continue reading

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Digital literacy in a knowledge economy

Essay on the ABC website (thanks Ian) by John Hartley, is a good encapsualtion of the argument for fostering real critical literacies to create open innovation networks. Although schools and universities certainly teach “ICT skills” and even “creative practice”, so … Continue reading

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Digital literacy in a knowledge economy

Rich piece from John Hartley (thanks again Ian), arguing the point for an open innovations network. Such a network will harness the energies of the whole population, not just those of ‘isolated expert elites’. In a Web 2 knowledge economy, … Continue reading

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Handle in the wind

Inspiring story by Elissa Baxter in the Sydney Morning Herald recently, about a young African (Malawian) guy who left school at 14, built two wind generators with little formal assistance. His work got him an invitation to an international conference … Continue reading

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A country that has stopped thinking

Steve Burrells report in this weekends (June 16-17) Sydney Morning Herald will hopefully rally some public debate (whats it take?). Australia is currently riding on the back of the coal truck (once was sheep) to prosperity-but that betrays our failure … Continue reading

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