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UGC or not to UGC?

What is the future for learning resource production?  Up until recently media resource production demanded specialised skills both technical and in learning design. However a number of factors have changed which have led to the increasing ‘democratisation’ of resource production … Continue reading

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Building Innovation: learning with technologies

Kathryn Moyles Building Innovation is another example of some provocative issue papers already emerging this year. The paper explores national and international policy priorities for building students’ innovation capabilities through information and communication technologies (ICT) in Australian schools. Importantly it … Continue reading

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YouTube is finally available to DET NSW teachers- after years of frustration beating on doors. Access will of course allow teachers to plan, research, display and embed YT videos in their resources, within their working context . One giant step…for … Continue reading

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Open wide come inside

The Open movement is undoubtedly one of the most significant-yet misrepresented philosophies to underpin C21 education. Promises abound in terms of the open revolution, but is it just another education experiment? The 2008 publication Open Content, and Open Knowledge (MIT press), is … Continue reading

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Static Learning Objects?

Paul Reids piece  (Digital Chalkies) taking a swipe at LO implemenations such as TLF, has sparked a running debate. The comments represent ‘where are we at’ X section of opinion on the worth of LOs (and associated implementation) and what constitutes … Continue reading

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Tools of the trade

New breed of Web 2 learning tools are appearing such as XTimeline (thanks Chris O’Neal). These I’d call conceptual mapping tools- rather than cognitive tools.  Xtimeline is a collaborative widget for creating, sharing & ranking timelines. I’d be interested in what … Continue reading

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BECTA rejects Office 07

Yesterday Becta sent a formal complaint to the European Union against Microsoft- claiming their products do not suport open standards. BECTA says that Office 2007′s underlying format, known as Office Open XML, is not interoperable with software from other vendors.  … Continue reading

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Graham Attwell’s post on a chaired presentation to the Alt C conference in Nottingham on International CoPs, included this excerpt by George Roberts- “Communities of practice are emergent organisations with tacit but clearly identifiable rules and other signs of identity: … Continue reading

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Embedding Web 2

Workshop discussion last week with UK ICT in education policy experts, Owen Lynch, Tom McMullan and Jimmy Stewart and from Greg Black and Garry Putlin . Many trends were reinforced through the discussion: Increased use of Mobile learning devices … Continue reading

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Digital literacy in a knowledge economy

Essay on the ABC website (thanks Ian) by John Hartley, is a good encapsualtion of the argument for fostering real critical literacies to create open innovation networks. Although schools and universities certainly teach “ICT skills” and even “creative practice”, so … Continue reading

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Superficial scholarship

Reading a recent article by Karl Kruszelniski on ‘How many words for snow do eskimos know’- resonated with thoughts on what constitutes academic scholarship. It  also highlights that we are better to have ‘open’ online knowledge environments to expose the myths, rather than … Continue reading

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Open access

Mike Seyfangs dump on his frustrations reporting on the CEGSA conference in South Australia, brings home the frustrations we are all experiencing regards the limitations of network access in education systems. Ironically Gerry Whites presentation (below) at the conference was … Continue reading

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Cult of the arrogant

Couldn’t help also adding a link to this running disussion from Britannica Blog by Michael Gorman defending ‘authoritative’ publishing. Stirred 31 responses so far to his post-(welcome to the wonders of Web2 Michael) -No wonder with lines like- “The flight … Continue reading

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Web 2-authority Vs ‘collective authority’

At risk of adding more layers of comment (but hey thats knowledge creation )-worth citing Tony Karrer on Will Richardsons post – Web 2.0 as “Cultural and Intellectual Catastrophe” The basic issue of experts vs. collective intelligence . Tony states … Continue reading

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Open source content

Some increasing commentaries on this. Jerry’s Work Blog has a a nice post of comments including: how open content movement is lagging a few years behind Opensource movement. e books are not selling Interesting study – assumption that kids in … Continue reading

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