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ICT and Educational Outcomes

With the paucity of good educational research on ICT on educational outcomes this report  (Are the millenium learners making the grade? ) makes a significant contribution to redefining the landscape and better focusing the research question. In 2006, PISA ran its … Continue reading

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CoPs as subversive agents?

With the world of Web 2.0 comes the need for new strategies for implementing ICT within the organisation. I’m convinced we no longer need to throw buckets of money at f2f training and comms campaigns. Rather pepper the various communities … Continue reading

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Wait’n for the revolution

A recent seminar on our DER left me wondering (again) how many times I’ve sat through expositions of the wonders of Web2.0 , and how our schools are failing to engage students with technologies of the street. Over the years … Continue reading

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Diffusion of innovation

Gerry White recently recommended  to me Everett Rodgers book on Diffusion of Innovation. Rodgers nominates the 5 categories of adopters- Innovators Early adopters Early majority Late majority Laggards

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Cart without a horse?

With all the buz around Web 2.0, I’m encountering  little written on its impact for management practices in education. A quick flick through some of the more likely candidates in my blog roll also reinforced this perception. Silence on ICT … Continue reading

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Interactive White Board-primary lessons

Interesting to see the changes in my daughters primary school with the introduction of IWBs in every classroom.  Her teacher seems to have undergone (as the principal) described it – a rebirth in terms of teaching. Alice comes home and … Continue reading

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Being digital citizens

Email from colleague Janet Burstall about a ‘Cybernite’ held at her daughters school (for parents and students) regarding being a digital citizen- great initiative. Wonder how many other schools are doing this? Time we (DET) thought of putting together a … Continue reading

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IWB positions

October hols roll around and DET NSW still poised to make an announcement on the procurement of IWBs (vendor support for one off placement) . My daughter’s primary school are fired up to purchase boards for every classroom. I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Graham Attwell’s post on a chaired presentation to the Alt C conference in Nottingham on International CoPs, included this excerpt by George Roberts- “Communities of practice are emergent organisations with tacit but clearly identifiable rules and other signs of identity: … Continue reading

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Gen X/Y

At risk of promoting generalities about labels X/Y and digital natives/Net geners, enjoyed the thought piece from Alex Miller. For teachers in NSW DET about to embark on Electronic White Board release/Web 2 explorations etc, it would serve well as … Continue reading

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Digital literacy in a knowledge economy

Rich piece from John Hartley (thanks again Ian), arguing the point for an open innovations network. Such a network will harness the energies of the whole population, not just those of ‘isolated expert elites’. In a Web 2 knowledge economy, … Continue reading

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Web2 implications for Professional Development

When presenting on the marvels of Web 2 tools Will Richardson relates his frustration that teachers see this as another practice for the classroom and not seeing the crucial step of themselves becoming the practitioners in order to deeply understand-and … Continue reading

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