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Autonomous schools- outed

Finally the curtain has been raised on the NSW Govs. intentions over autonomous schools- as the initiative now comes out of the trial phase and into implementation late April. While Public school principals have endorsed a NSW government … Continue reading

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The real barrier to IT adoption

In response to Dan Haesler’s piece For today’s learners , it just clicks.SMH Nov 14( Yes, NSW schools now have access to great learning technologies thanks in large part to the National DER initiative and our State Connected Classrooms Program. … Continue reading

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Becta & beyond

With the recent snuffing of BECTA, must also come the warning signals for similar organisations in many other western countries including Australia.  While an outpouring of comments might suggest messages are mixed on the success of BECTA, inevitably a structure … Continue reading

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Building Innovation: learning with technologies

Kathryn Moyles Building Innovation is another example of some provocative issue papers already emerging this year. The paper explores national and international policy priorities for building students’ innovation capabilities through information and communication technologies (ICT) in Australian schools. Importantly it … Continue reading

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ICT and Educational Outcomes

With the paucity of good educational research on ICT on educational outcomes this report  (Are the millenium learners making the grade? ) makes a significant contribution to redefining the landscape and better focusing the research question. In 2006, PISA ran its … Continue reading

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Our favourite pastime

Whos top and bottom of the class? Well the media revelled  (“todaythe door has opened to knowledge…”) in the Myschools website data this week- and so did everyone else. On the Train Thursday morning SMHs spread out and into the offices- even … Continue reading

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What does C21 learning look like?

Yesterdays seminar What does C21 learning  look like? – interesting day with Mark Pesce doing a great job of hosting what could be argued to be an event dominated by vendor interests. This was the formal agenda but thanks to … Continue reading

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C21 Learning

A good discussion running on David Warwicks  blog on what is 21s Century learning. Dipping his toe into a muddy puddle, he has offered some succinct points, being careful not discount 20th century practise of- listening, watching, remembering, his following … Continue reading

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NSW DET Netbooks

Lenovo is certainly getting its expected deal of press on the laptops for schools program. The S10e is an impressive device; for NSW DET- 8-9 hrs battery life, intelligent cycling, RFD/ RFI antitheft tagging-  certainly the company has risen to … Continue reading

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1:1 laptops- research dilemma

Sifting through some current research papers on the value of 1:1 laptops, took me back to Tom Reeves coments some years ago regarding the paucity of good educational research. And the difficulty of any ed research are the variables to … Continue reading

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Loos or Laptops

The announcement from last weekends COAG meeting on the roll out of laptops for NSW public schools, has produced a frenzy of comments in the media. While most letters to the ditor raised the inevitable- ‘why can’t the money be … Continue reading

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After witnessing an incident with my daughter recently, and a mounting interest in this at work-the paper (thanks Jane) was timely.  ‘Confronting the Pedagogical Challenge of Cyber Safety’  highlights the paucity of empirical studies in educational contexts (‘pedagogical’ bit strong here). The … Continue reading

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Mind over matter

Todays seminar with Professor Martin Westwell Martin (Director Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century ). Below I’ve taken some of the main points of interest – Teachers are asked to be experts in everything. Whereas in … Continue reading

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More Shift happens

I know these are popular at the moment but this latest version is neat    

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Wikipedia recognised as a text

Australian first-NSW HSC students will from next year be able to take a course in studying Wikipedia, as part of the English Syllabus (SMH report). Hopefully my kids schools will no longer send notes home every year advisng not to … Continue reading

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Wait’n for the revolution

A recent seminar on our DER left me wondering (again) how many times I’ve sat through expositions of the wonders of Web2.0 , and how our schools are failing to engage students with technologies of the street. Over the years … Continue reading

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BECTA rejects Office 07

Yesterday Becta sent a formal complaint to the European Union against Microsoft- claiming their products do not suport open standards. BECTA says that Office 2007’s underlying format, known as Office Open XML, is not interoperable with software from other vendors.  … Continue reading

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Lessons in paradise

Spending some time last week in Fiji, visited a school on Malolo Levu island. It was the last day of term, so the kids were happy and appreciative, but like so many schools in emerging economies that seemed a regular … Continue reading

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Interactive White Board-primary lessons

Interesting to see the changes in my daughters primary school with the introduction of IWBs in every classroom.  Her teacher seems to have undergone (as the principal) described it – a rebirth in terms of teaching. Alice comes home and … Continue reading

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Filters a no go

Seems like another argument against net filters is emerging as the previous Fed Govs NetAlert campaign undergoes a rethink. Piece by Heath Gilmour claims that the Rudd Government has branded a failure the $85 million software filter scheme to protect … Continue reading

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Waiting for the revolution

Reading today in the SMH about the demise in the record industry, seems to have parallels and similar lessons for education.  Firstly the industry is based on flawed assumptions: Generic business mode Monopoly on information Single source providors Users can’t … Continue reading

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Go ask Corey

In all the media frenzy around Australias new bad boy Corey Worthington (>230 Google refs so far) -no analysis of the role played by MySpace in promoting Coreys’ lifestyle. In the Phew report on teen use of social media (Dec 2007) the … Continue reading

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