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Predictions for DET 2010-joining the dots

The  2010 IT predictions  are in, with many hot favourites including: Cloud computing, OER, Mobile devices and virtualisation (including gesture based interfaces).  And of course the Gartner and Horizon reports are always  grounded  and set the script for  the IT … Continue reading

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Sustaining narratives for the news age

The planets seemed to align lately with a few converging themes in relation to boredom thresholds and the atomisation of information. Harry Lewis voice at Googalization of Everything- ‘The factoids are not just instant; they are atomic. We keep e-mails … Continue reading

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Need for an LMS?

Darcy More’s post  on 10 things schools can do to facilitate  implementation of L4L, makes the comment that Moodle for schools is a key strategy. The DET  learning tools applications admittedly have been a little slow to emerge (blog only now … Continue reading

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Blogs in the institution

On the eve of trialling blogs in NSW DET, I’m wondering after many years of using traditional communications tools (forums, emails, listservs) , what the uptake will be. The use of traditional CMCs has been largely confined to teachers administrative and … Continue reading

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Pondering PLEs

Scott Leslies post on PLEs is a good collation of the elements he has observed when looking at  other PLEs.  Scott’s PLE Wiki is a handy reference point for some of the best representations and thinking in this area. The mistake made … Continue reading

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Wikipedia recognised as a text

Australian first-NSW HSC students will from next year be able to take a course in studying Wikipedia, as part of the English Syllabus (SMH report). Hopefully my kids schools will no longer send notes home every year advisng not to … Continue reading

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Tools for Learning

Paper from Campus Wide Information Systems, tackles the increasing frustration of  LMS and the widening adoption of Web 2 tools for learning. Briefly put the traditional paradigm of which a LMS represents is being challenged by social networking tools. Already … Continue reading

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Real critical literacies

Howard Rheingold’s recent speech delivered at seminar in Melbourne, prompted my thinking in terms of what we need to teach our students (and teachers), to become C21 citizens, not just in terms of essential researching /information skills but also … Continue reading

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Superficial scholarship

Reading a recent article by Karl Kruszelniski on ‘How many words for snow do eskimos know’- resonated with thoughts on what constitutes academic scholarship. It  also highlights that we are better to have ‘open’ online knowledge environments to expose the myths, rather than … Continue reading

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Wikipedia cleansing

Seems like WikiScanner is already outing the Aussie politicians-both Federal and State.  Firstly it was revealed (SMH) the department of Prime Minister and cabinet ‘cleaned up’ 126 entries-even removing Costellos nickname ‘Captain Smirk’. Now its revealed the NSW Premiers Dept … Continue reading

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Better than the real thing

Report in Saturdays SMH about the success of Facebook downunder. Interesting that Facebook is apparently becoming more popular with older more middle class users than the ‘youthful’ Youtube/MySpace. Which is ironic when our conservative Liberal Gov. is now saturating YouTube … Continue reading

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Cult of the arrogant

Couldn’t help also adding a link to this running disussion from Britannica Blog by Michael Gorman defending ‘authoritative’ publishing. Stirred 31 responses so far to his post-(welcome to the wonders of Web2 Michael) -No wonder with lines like- “The flight … Continue reading

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Tips on developing a Wiki Community

Much is writetn on developing blogs but the Wiki seems a little neglected lately, but Danny Horn’s piece adds a good insight- Small Wikis are different A wiki is a volunteer project The individual is important People don’t like anonymity- … Continue reading

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