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Learning Design & OpenSource Teaching

Exerpt from James Dalziels Blog contribution on open source teaching. Its work James has been leading for some time and is underpinned by the LAMS project. It takes the focus beyond just sharing content and more on teaching/learning activities-sequences. All … Continue reading

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Real guts

Ripper article itself from CATHERINE DEVENY  in the Age May 30. If you want to send your kids to the best school, send them to the local, writes Catherine Deveny. I  met this bloke at a party a while back. … Continue reading

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PLE as platform

As per Stephen‘s piece on which application might constitute a PLE platform -where he contends that WordPress is the best candidate. But facebook has relaunched with new features [currently 2nd most popular networking tool/18th most visited site on the web-Hitwise] … Continue reading

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PLEs (Personal Learning Environments), will be an ongoing theme for this blog. Currently causing increasing fringe interest, as there is a growing discussion around issues such as Web 2 and what constitutes formal and informal learning. Many commentaries are in … Continue reading

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How businesses are using Web 2.0

According to McKinsey Quarterly 2007 – 70% of businesses (US) are using Web 2 technologies when communicating with their customers. Just under half use the tools for knowledge mangement. Web services, P2P networks, collective intelligence & podcasts are at the … Continue reading

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From Geek to Gresham

Another timely analysis on blogs by Vicki Frost Geeks to Grisham in the SMH. Vicki looks at the relationship between blogs and the printed word and how the traditional publishing (read print) industry are trawling the web to find good … Continue reading

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More privileged for the priviliged

Yet another spate of articles on the inequaties of Aust federal gov funding between the private and public school system , this time in the SMH by Ross Gittins Wed May 23 and Anna Patty National . And again the … Continue reading

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