The use of a blog for knowledge sharing

Derek Wenmoth reflects on his experience as a long-haul blogger on the AFLF site The use of a blog for knowledge sharing. Succinct piece reviewing his experiences as a blogger and going from a tentative personal journal to finding an increasing audience, catering for more professional commentaries. This is a dilemna for most bloggers-how to tread the line between the personal and professional worlds they inhabit. “[the blog] has become a way of maintaining a flow of information and connection with the many people I have initiated contact with in my travels, as well as being an essential part of my role as the director of eLearning at CORE. My blog is now a place where my colleagues can visit to see what I am working on, thinking about and who I am interacting with. It is still a place where I record key ideas and links to resources and ideas that I think are of significance – the difference being that instead of doing it primarily to meet personal needs, I am now very aware of the much wider audience that I have reading my blog. As a consequence, my writing style has altered somewhat, and I attempt to offer some level of commentary or analysis of the item or reference I am blogging about”. His blog went from a personal diary to a more professional commentaries, but then “As my confidence increased I began adding more personal commentary to many of my blog entries, and then, to upload original ideas, papers and diagrams”.

Derek Wenmoth – Director of eLearning
CORE Education – Christchurch, New Zealand


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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