PLEs (Personal Learning Environments), will be an ongoing theme for this blog. Currently causing increasing fringe interest, as there is a growing discussion around issues such as Web 2 and what constitutes formal and informal learning. Many commentaries are in relation to differeneces between ePortrfolios and PLEs. But this is an important distinction, as I think PLEs are more about the individuals own learning portfolio – independant of any formal course work- as distinct from the ePortfolio which Is see as being the ‘personal’ side of a students work in relation to a formal course. ePortfolios include the formal assesment artefacts from any such course, plus other related aspects of coursework. It might contain a history of matreial relating to all coursework undertaken. In contrast the PLE is a more holistic collelction of materials, evidence, artefacts and maybe collaborative/social networking tools which together constitute a true profile of the person’s formal and informal learning-evidence of where they have been and maybe where they are going in terms of career, thinking, knowledge and being. The concept of a PLE wold seem to have arisen from the need to differentiate between the VLE (Virtual Learning Enironment) and the emerging engagement of learners in their own knowledge spaces. I have attempted to depict this in the diagram to illustrate the relationship between the two worlds. This is a refinement of Scott Wilson’s depiction.

I’ll add a paper shortly which elaborates on this diagram.


About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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