Sharepoint Vs Web2

Have to [little reluctantly] Agree with John on this:

“Ah, well, the game is up, it seems, for Glow, Scotland’s ambitious programme to bring a fully-web-based learning platform to each and every pupil and teacher in the country. Euan Semple does not like Sharepoint! And Ewan McIntosh probably agrees with him!
Perhaps all we need is Web 2.0: social media, social networks, podcasting, wikis, file-sharing”

John comes around to reconciling himself with the fact though that Sharepoint is an appropriate application forSott education-“However, in the real world inhabited by real teachers, pupils, local administrators of education, corporate ICT realities and networks, each at their current levels of knowledge and capability, we would crash and burn if we were to try to build the collaborative environment we need only from the basic Web 2.0 tools plus all those tricksy little playthings that fill yards of blogging inches every day of the week.”

“Sharepoint, at the end of the day, is simply a platform – I think it just hurts some people that it happens to come from Microsoft”.


About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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2 Responses to Sharepoint Vs Web2

  1. This is an old discussion but with the work going on in East Lothian it’s hard to agree that Web 2.0 tools will crash and burn given a few things:

    a) a culture that appreciates openness
    b) a desire to share
    c) a view that reflection is a principle part of teaching and learning

    However, if any of these conditions is missing in the first place then I don’t see how Web 2.0, Sharepoint or any other online toolset or community is going to flourish.

  2. thand says:

    Thanks Ewan, as part of one of the largest education organisations in the world here in NSW, we are also at the mercy of an IT Depts taking the ‘safe’ option of using proprietary suites with known support, contractural arrangements, interoperability etc. Hopefully its the users who can increasingly use their voice, or practice to adopt alternate non-enterpise applications. I think once systems such as ours find ways of ensuring security/access management around web 2 applications then we might make some headway in having them adopted as corporate applications.

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