More privileged for the priviliged

Yet another spate of articles on the inequaties of Aust federal gov funding between the private and public school system , this time in the SMH by Ross Gittins Wed May 23 and Anna Patty National . And again the stats are keep speaking for themselves, no matter which way you cut it. Australia is the only country where the provision of public funding for private schools is the dominant function of the national government… One study found that 27% of students in independent schools attend schools where just the money from school fees paid by parents exceeded the average resources per student in public schools.

No question its a system that perpetuates the largest (and growing ) private system in the world. But where is Labour (Fed oppostion) in this? To date I only recall an assurance from Rudd that Labour would not threaten the funding base to the private school sector.

Mark Butler (science teacher at Gosford High) the following day in letters to the SMH retorts – Labours answer has been to tacitly reply to this inequity by promising to fund vocational training facilities in schools- thereby reinforcing the status quo of state (public) system as catering for the tradies and the privates a grooming ground for the universities.


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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