PLE as platform

As per Stephen‘s piece on which application might constitute a PLE platform -where he contends that WordPress is the best candidate. But facebook has relaunched with new features [currently 2nd most popular networking tool/18th most visited site on the web-Hitwise]

– what it’s calling The Platform – a system for 3rd party companies to program their services for use
inside of Facebook user page. Some 70 companies are listed including mebo, Amazon, mozoto, Widgetbox etc.

Ok – so maybe a PLE is a platform…?

…and maybe a candidate platform is Facebook (developer info)?

The main idea is that Facebook will bve exposing third party apps through the Facebook website. MySpace on steroids, MySpace done right, etc. etc.

Splashcast (one of the partners) has an overview movie of the new Facebook platform:


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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