Blogging (102)

Followed up from Jerry’s Blog, on the issues of blogging as he refers to Ian Delaneys (editor of NMK,) comments on blogging. Ian is a journo and also suffers from working in the business all day then wondering if he has the will or insights to recant on his thoughts in a blog post. I have visions of Jerry choking over his sandwich at lunch trying to enthuse himself over another posting-when he is living the issues through the rest of his day. Likewise I wrestle with the ‘what constitutes work’/dilemna- hence why I try to keep my blogging out of the workspace- most of my posts (exception this) are done well into the night- I have left work and family crises behind- and can take time out to reflect. Its also an issue of what constitutes our ‘formal’ work (a bit like the formal/informal leanring context)- I always admire Stephen Downes making an emphatic statement of blogging being intrinsic to his work-the NRC recognises its one of their best publishing outlets-(hope thats the case Stephen). On returning to blogging I decided to also post at night to separate myself from work – to ensure in some ways an independence- and freedom. I also chose to use a non education/work related blog site- this I think helps me keep that separation- its hard to feel the same level of passion and committment writing to those ‘education type space’. This blog is mine! to scrawl all over! But I’m also caught in the bind of work separation at home-even working late at nite I hear the call from the bedroom- is it work related- or that blog?- [read more important than being in bed with me]. So us work related bloggers need some soul searching and confront these issues both at work and home- what constitutes our time. Work related blogs then are a genre in themselves worth analysing- should I time stamp this one to show it was done ‘in work time?”


About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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