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ePortfolios-DNA of PLEs

Graham Attwell’s captured a nice analogy in this paper– claiming that ePortfolios are the building blocks for PLEs (attribute to Serge Ravet). While ePortfolios might have a primary pedagogical purpose, I’d contend that PLEs have a broader purpose: to define … Continue reading

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Blog success

Thinking about what makes successful web presence for education portals, has also led me to wondering what indicators make for successful social networking sites. Conventional metrics such as hits, time spent on site and unique visits are OK, but better … Continue reading

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Net safety

Colleague Ian Mckee passed on this background briefing from ABCs radio national. Again the message is that we need to educate kids about Internet safety and not rely on filters to do the job. Kids are too savvy these days … Continue reading

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Better than the real thing

Report in Saturdays SMH about the success of Facebook downunder. Interesting that Facebook is apparently becoming more popular with older more middle class users than the ‘youthful’ Youtube/MySpace. Which is ironic when our conservative Liberal Gov. is now saturating YouTube … Continue reading

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Open access

Mike Seyfangs dump on his frustrations reporting on the CEGSA conference in South Australia, brings home the frustrations we are all experiencing regards the limitations of network access in education systems. Ironically Gerry Whites presentation (below) at the conference was … Continue reading

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Folksonomies & tagging

Paper by Sarah Hayman for (Australia) proposing a model for combining folksonomies with taxonomies. Basically the approach is to have user tags referencing /directed by a taxonomy. This will either be through a thesaurus or suggested term approach. I … Continue reading

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Big Shifts

Finally got back to finishing Will Richardsons Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts & other powerful web tools. His ten shifts we need to make in teaching: Open content Many teachers/ 24/7 access The social collaborative construction of knowledge Teaching is conversation not … Continue reading

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