Reviewing some recent ePortfolio tools lately and it occurred to me that many of them are merely extensions of the LMS paradigm. Essentially teacher focused, event driven, assessment oriented and task driven. In other words a part of the existing classroom repertoire. They (in this case all commercial products), made a point of features such as ‘when the teacher is away’ or ‘when another teacher supervises’, clearly enticing for many school authorities. Perhaps then what we need to distinguish is ePortfolios for the classroom and ePortfolios which are manged for and by the individual-Not a de facto teacher. I wonder if the LMS vendors are trying to claim this space, aligning the concept in order to boost flagging support for the LMS market. As with PLEs its time to be more explicit in describing purpose and composition of ePortfolios.


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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  1. I agree with your observation about the flagging LMS market; however, I think many other products, such as iWebfolio (commercial), ePortaro (commercial), or the Moofolio extension of Moodle, have very few references – if any – to reviewer as teacher or supervisor. They are considered reviewer (either internal or external) as anyone else in the world who would look at your work. To me the most undesirable aspect of the LMS-ePortfolio overlap is the LMS enduring emphasis on the course not the program or the overall learning experience, as if learning occurs in a course therefore the ePortfolio should be designed to reflect coursework. Not true. The chronology and division of someone academic experience should be transparent in the ePortfolio – not solely linear, not solely thematic, but defined and arranged by the user (owner).

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