Creating Learning Experiences

Konrad Glogowski’s Creating Learning Experiences is a good insight into scaffolding learning experiences using Web 2 tools [thanks Janet]. His five stage process: Discover, Define, Build, Immerse & Contribute are described in terms of using these tools. Konrad insists its a cyclical process – the last being the most potent in terms of providing opportunities to share, collaborate and-tapping into a network-creating communities of knowledge. Tom Hoffman suggests the emergence of empathy is the ultimate expression of this deeper understanding. Carol Kuhlthau’s models of the information process- might suggest a sixth stage-Search closure. But I think this model is too prescriptive /linear -and less open to the knowledge building process suggested by Konrad’s Stage: Contribute. Whats needed now is to apply a similar approach to the elements of The NSW DET Quality Teaching Framework- deeper pedagogical rather than information based approaches.


About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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