Embedding Web 2

Workshop discussion last week with UK ICT in education policy experts, Owen Lynch, Tom McMullan and Jimmy Stewart and from Edu.au. Greg Black and Garry Putlin . Many trends were reinforced through the discussion:

  • Increased use of Mobile learning devices
  • IWB usage (although mainly as a presentation device)
  • Learning platforms uptake (again not clear if this is a VLE)
  • Use of open content
  • Significance of Web 2
  • Service rather than production/publishing orientation

One comment caught my attention: that was the observation that ICT is generally just grafted on the back of curricula /assessment imperatives . Until ICT is understood as being not just the medium or channel of communication- but rather the message syntax, we are destined to keep treading the path of so many previous ‘ed tech innovations’. Which lead to an interesting question: “have you seen any examples of innovative policy decisions?” – a deep breath followed but no notable response. And of course its also a question of business models, management structures/approaches which underpin Web 2 implementation and ‘philosophy’. We need to all take this responsibility, instead of assigning it to the bin of ‘policy adoption’. Web 2.0 adoption requires a holistic approach and commitment on all levels of the business of education from classroom to boardroom and policy quorums.


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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