Tools for Learning

Paper from Campus Wide Information Systems, tackles the increasing frustration of  LMS and the widening adoption of Web 2 tools for learning. Briefly put the traditional paradigm of which a LMS represents is being challenged by social networking tools. Already we had seen the challenge to traditional LMS being handed up by open source applications such a MOODLE, SAKAI and now LAMS and CopperCore (although the later two are often mistakingly described as an LMS.)  LMSs merely propagate the existing teacher transmission model; ignoring constructivist and connectivist models of learning.  The terms VLE, LMSs, MLEs and LCMS, are thrown around in the paper, but Craig only makes a vague attempt at  differentiating them- and you are led to assume LMSs are at the bottom of the evolutionary scale and the MLE at the top. But all of these are in danger of becoming marginalised as Web 2 tools are increasingly adopted by student, compelling institutes to follow. Craig suggests “If there is a single fundamental question that Web 2 poses for the traditional LMS in the academic community, it is the appropriateness of using enterprise software to serve as a top down distribution vehicle for academic resources while simultaneously providing digital space to foster innovation and collaboration from below”. I’m not sure if this is a question but rather a challenge posed by Web 2 of conventional VLEs.  The paper surfaces some good issues, but lacks the rigor to really inform the debate.


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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2 Responses to Tools for Learning

  1. Chris ONeal says:

    Good points, Tim. Just kind of a random comment here, but I was just having a conversation with some school administrators about issues not unlike these. One administrator said something along the lines of “the Web 2.0 tools serve a whole different function – it’s not so much the tool itself, it’s the whole mindset of what it offers – socialization, collaborative learning, student-created, etc. that we have a hard time fitting in the classroom. The tradition LMS(or whichever term is more relevant) is just easier to fit in – not better, but easier.” His whole comment started a slew of intense discussion about the purpose of technology. I think those discussions will happen more and more, and probably should!
    ~Chris O’Neal

  2. thand says:

    Chris nice to know this is a priority on Chrsitmas day! Discussions with colleagues over the hols, has convinced me that we can’t get near a significant adoption of these tools unless there is major reform in education practise. This includes organisation, administration as well as curriculum, pedagogical aspects. Dabbling in new innovations with technlogies is just that- now that we have had time to establish the worth of Web 2 tools – lets use (yet again) anopther driver for educational reorm.

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