Ubiquitous computing & Smart objects

Flicking through latest edition of Ed Tech (still a must read)- and two articles jumped out.   One on Ubiquitous computing – a term often misused to referring to PDAs etc (inferring mobile rather than truly ubiquitous). Louisa Rosencheck’s article quickly dispels what it is NOT- and what are the implications for education. Currently most of this is hypothetical in relation to the classroom, but some examples are emerging in workplaces and homes. What I like about the concept  is that Ubicomp will help merge formal and informal learning. True Ubicomp will go beyond relying on handheld devices , an see a blending of devices which are ‘built into’ the environment. Rosencheck develops some good scenarios to explore its educational use. Ubicomp would seem to get ticks against the big issues including; personalised and situated learning,and certainly add a new dimension to assessment and outcomes based education. It also links to the concept of ‘smart objects’ – things that know about their surroundings. Again the same edition carries a good article on this.   Education al TechnologyMarch- April Vol 48, No 2.


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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