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Wikipedia recognised as a text

Australian first-NSW HSC students will from next year be able to take a course in studying Wikipedia, as part of the English Syllabus (SMH report). Hopefully my kids schools will no longer send notes home every year advisng not to … Continue reading

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Wait’n for the revolution

A recent seminar on our DER left me wondering (again) how many times I’ve sat through expositions of the wonders of Web2.0 , and how our schools are failing to engage students with technologies of the street. Over the years … Continue reading

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Diffusion of innovation

Gerry White recently recommended  to me Everett Rodgers book on Diffusion of Innovation. Rodgers nominates the 5 categories of adopters- Innovators Early adopters Early majority Late majority Laggards

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An great presentation today with the CEO of Desire2Learn John Baker. Always wary of inviting vendors in the doors of a public education organisation (esp when they sniff the size of NSW). But any company fresh from doing battle with … Continue reading

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BECTA rejects Office 07

Yesterday Becta sent a formal complaint to the European Union against Microsoft- claiming their products do not suport open standards. BECTA says that Office 2007’s underlying format, known as Office Open XML, is not interoperable with software from other vendors.  … Continue reading

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Business of education

The recent TAFE:Doing Business in  the C21  possibly highlights the contradictions in  our approach to education. The paper espouses the need for a competitive environment- students are referred to as clients and the title of the doc says it all- not about education but doing … Continue reading

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Lessons in paradise

Spending some time last week in Fiji, visited a school on Malolo Levu island. It was the last day of term, so the kids were happy and appreciative, but like so many schools in emerging economies that seemed a regular … Continue reading

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