Wait’n for the revolution

A recent seminar on our DER left me wondering (again) how many times I’ve sat through expositions of the wonders of Web2.0 , and how our schools are failing to engage students with technologies of the street. Over the years inspired presentations by bloggeratti’s best –Pesces, Downes, Levine, Siemens, Seyfangs and Wales, of the wired world. All very eloquent and persuasive – but there I sat yesterday wondering when we’ll stop twittering with the technologies and start properly engaging the stakeholders (political/education community) on what all this means/implies and how to more properly move education from the domain of institutions towards  that of the individual.  Time to move from the ‘experimental ‘to embedded practise.


About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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One Response to Wait’n for the revolution

  1. Chris O'Neal says:

    I was just talking today to a school administrator about this topic – he was saying that a handful of his teachers have really started moving in the direction of truly taking advantage of technologies, but his school as a whole hasn’t. I suggested we needed to work together to think bigger picture – including parents, high schoolers, businesses, etc. We get it already – as far as tech integration goes. We’ve got “the stuff.” We’ve got the training. We need redesign of our whole day and structure, in my opinion.

    Just some thoughts…
    Chris O.

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