Connected classrooms

Recently started working with NSW DET Connected Classrooms Program with a visit to one of the schools consequently equipped with the suite of interactive whiteboards & video conference equipment. Sitting in a classroom built in the 1800’s now with state of the art online gear- the divide btween the two centuries clearly laid bare- and hopefully with it C18 teaching practice.  With now over 200 Video conference facilities installed across NSW – (ncl. my old country school at Inverell)- there was a genuine sense of celebration among educationalists and equipment vendors in the room. Backed by a largescale map of NSW – it was the perfect backdrop for an impromptu celebration. Knowing what is underpinning the hardware- access to great resources- and what is to come in the program- (learning tools )-  the time has arrived where State Education in NSW will truly embrace a genuine digital revolution- based not on tech driven silver bullets but real  commitment to appropriate pedagogical practice associated with the initiatives. 


About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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4 Responses to Connected classrooms

  1. Tony Searl says:

    Great to hear of your excitement and celebration.
    Reassuring for another DET teachjer who believes the CCP has the capacity, IF teaching practices shift as well, to deliver significant improvemnet in learner engagemnet, depth and quality.

    TaLe has some wonderful resources for DET schools, I hope schools are accessing them.
    The new CLI Creating Resource Folders page I briefly looked at today may be of interest as well as we start sharing ideas more widely than just in our own school districts.
    Our college is on the next install list, hope we are near the top.

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  3. thand says:

    Nice to read the comments & on your own Blog Tony- to describe yourself as someone with ‘little ICT knowledge’ – really raises the bar for us all. look foward to more conversations & support for the CCP efforts.

  4. Brit-Alfonso says:

    I cannot believe this will work!

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