SAKAI- model for Opensource

Michaels Feldsteins summary of the recent Paris Sakai love fest, would seem to throw the gauntlet down to other LMS apps. His account is interesting from two perspectives not just the endorsement of SAKAIs feature set and road map, but also a discussion on the relative support and Business models of Sakai and Moodle. The SAKAi opensource model is based on a Foundation approach (similar to LAMS I suspect). Properly setup, this approach helps cultivate a healthy user community which is always the strength of an opensource app. The available LMSs out there all have little to divide them in terms of feature sets and other technical specs- but what does warrant looking at is the development & support models underpinning them. Feldstein cites SAKAIs new commitment to transparency as one of the virtues (again similar to LAMS)- cf with Moodle’s ‘Byzantine’ structures [as Feldstein describes them]. Opensource applications can also push down the feature list-any standrds accountability (but hey vendors aren’t clean), notable is recent Moodle criticism of its export function.  James Dalziels (happens to be LAMS founder) & Diana Laurillards  presentation on usability from a pedagogical perspective, must also be icing on the Sakai cake from both a user perspective and a ringing international academic endorsement.


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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