New Years predictions

o1vcai7718rca849vmccae2n8cvcamyue7oca4w9mifca98q89tcazn15kgca6mkmyzcan9als1caxri6hncajr5sbnca6z4590cavr6enfcads9ukccai4ak0ycay55xnxcaacu5xyca098cg6caic7d3eThat time of year again when everyone is crystal balling- worth a quick flick around the pundits  and Learning Circuits.  The recurring theme amongst all is the impact of the global recession. This is predicted to increase the use of:

  • flexible delivery
  • social software
  • more demand for courses
  • Open Education Resources
  • user developed resources

– and I’d add- greater accountablity.

Downes review of 2008 is also worth a look.

 From my POV in NSW DET this year the main areas of interest associated with our ‘revolution’ (learning tools, Interactive classrooms, notebook devices etc) will be:

  • greater engagement with the middle adopters of online technologies in the classroom
  • blurring of formal and informal learning
  • more profiled filtering
  • begining of ubiquitous computing
  • greater focus on pedagogical use of ICT & policy areas
  • implementing strategies for instilling cyber safety
  • use of cloud computing
  • systemic acceptance of user created resources
  • emergence of more formal communities of practise
  • better integration of search environments (both technically and semantically)

Finally I particularly like Brent Schlenker’s comment “My advice to the e-learning community this year is to pay very close attention to the culture in which you are implementing. Ignoring the impact on culture will be the Achilles’ heel of e-learning implementations in 2009“.


About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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