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NSW DET Netbooks

Lenovo is certainly getting its expected deal of press on the laptops for schools program. The S10e is an impressive device; for NSW DET- 8-9 hrs battery life, intelligent cycling, RFD/ RFI antitheft tagging-  certainly the company has risen to … Continue reading

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Social Media Classroom

Colleague Garth Newton alerted me to this, started by Howard Rheingold late 2008- The Social Media Classroom is a free, open source online teaching tool that incorporates blogs, a wiki, forums, microblogging, social bookmarking, video-sharing, chat, RSS,  within a simple, shared … Continue reading

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MySpace cadets sliding into addiction

Miranda Devine’s reminder of the perils of technology (SMH April 4) are  timely, given the announcement this week of the $150 million schools laptop rollout. Just as TV did to a generation of children (myself included), we need to ward … Continue reading

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