NSW DET Netbooks

Lenovo is certainly getting its expected deal of press on the laptops for schools program. The S10e is an impressive device; for NSW DET- 8-9 hrs battery life, intelligent cycling, RFD/ RFI antitheft tagging-  certainly the company has risen to our spec challenge to produce 250 000 units in a very aggressive time frame. Lenevo is a new company in this space (taking over the IBM part of this market in 2005). So  its interesting to contemplate the commercial advantages of such a deal- triple bottom line- will they get brand loyalty, is it a community service & to what extent can they trade on being the supplier of arguably the single largest educational jurisdiction in the world.?

Watching Gruen transfer tonight –  these questions came to mind- as they showed  how the NY public system met the challenge of increasing attendance rates of its 1.1 million students. Its Million campaign is based the mobile phone. It began with a pilot program of 2800 students in seven schools. Students were each given a mobile phone, which switched between School’s In and School’s Out mode. When the kids were in school, the calling and text functions were deactivated. But that didn’t mean the phone was out of action. Educational software loaded onto the phone meant students could use it for research. It was also a platform for tests. Must check on how this is playing out – and how the students differentiate  between ‘school and personal’ use? Is it possible to achieve this in the one device? Or does that status symbol the mobile phone lose its edge once it is ‘institutionalised’? Maybe some pointers here as we go into the digital revolution.



About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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4 Responses to NSW DET Netbooks

  1. darcymoore says:

    Very interesting post, Tim. I think you are right on all counts about mob phones.

    Q: Wonder what Adobe software will look like on our S10e screens?

    • thand says:

      Darcy- bit of a delay-long week.. – yes the device has a slightly curious resolution 1024X 576. Will crop a displays little-but any flash object/SVG will scale and data projector I think resolve

  2. darcymoore says:

    …and the kids working on their screen?

  3. thand says:

    lets see- when they get going on it

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