CoPs as subversive agents?

copWith the world of Web 2.0 comes the need for new strategies for implementing ICT within the organisation. I’m convinced we no longer need to throw buckets of money at f2f training and comms campaigns. Rather pepper the various communities with leaders & messages and use viral techniques to grow the awareness, desire and knowledge for sustained engagement in the technologies. Grow from the grassroots. SMS/Twitter, blogs etc  are quickly becoming the ‘feral’ channels for communicating and developing the knowledge base. While these channels might have an important ‘gossip’ factor, they are increasingly critical in  setting the tone surrounding any new stechnologies and ensuring ownership. Firstly among the ‘pioneers’ then early adopters and mid adopters- we need to work smart ensuring these channels are ‘constructively subversive’. Chatting with Sue Beveridge and Jerry Leeson today we reflected on  aspects of establishing and nurturing a community.  Jerry commented how communities seek out and congregate around the ‘expert’.   This forms a circle of prefessional trust- they are self regulating & go through a distinct lifecycle. But  how far do notions of trust extend in the lifecycle phases? We agreed that to share practice was one dimension teachers readily engaged in within these communities, but this tends to fall short of sharing actual resources. Perhaps teachers are apprehensive of the worth of these outside their own classrooms or is it an artefact upon which they can be always judged- rather than the more transient/imeadiate conversations in the CoPs? Interesting to reflect on Downes ppt


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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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