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The DET blog (BlogEd) is nearing full release – dates to be confirmed for Term 4. Below I’ve summarised key features which differentiate it from any ‘open’ blog. I’ll post a slide show after the hols.


Based on open source applications  Apache Roller & Tiny MCE

Integrated into NSW DET technical environment

Single signon (authentication to DET portal)

Scalable to an enterprise level system

Security and Anti spam

Roles & workflow

Levels of moderation (enforced for public blogs)

Controlled ownership (only teachers can ‘own’ a blog)

 Populated with user data from current data: class/school/colleges/Institutes/

Construct  user groups from a Group builder application (using enrollment data)

Audience selections (private/schools/colleges/public)

Monitored media uploading (via a media library), with mandatory copyright management

Notification services through teacher & student emails

Taylored for pedagogical  use

Review posts/comments  before publishing

Recognised Roles of the teacher, student and public: eg. defined roles in the system and appropriate moderaton  for posts, comments, headers

Sticky posts

Remote access to lesson work-  out of school/college access & absent students  and teachers

Underpinned by Change Management strategies: (to accompany and ensure maintenance and enhancements based on student/teacher feedback)

Universality-common use (COPS): DET being the biggest system will quickly establish formal &informal communities of users.

Policy compliance

Guided acceptable usage policies

Copyright management (when uploading material)

Report concern(posts/comments to teachers)

Advice when a blog is going public or un-moderated

Text filtering (s with student email)



About thand

I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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26 Responses to BlogEd

  1. darcymoore says:

    Excellent news Tim!

  2. Great to read this Tim!

    I think this will inspire even more change
    (learning) through collaboration than many other tools we think have made an impact.

    Students reading, writing and viewing more and with greater engagement and attention can only enhance learning.


  3. Thank God. I have been waiting for this day for years. I can hopefully put my EduWeb program to rest now after 8 years.

    • Audrey Nay says:

      Why would you put it to rest?

      can all the wonderful work in EduWeb be embedded, included, connected to BlogEd?

      be such a shame to have it all disappear… cheers:-)

      • There are many reasons why EduWeb needs to end with the arrival of BlogEd. EduWeb’s great for Windows, but not so great for Macs. BlogEd is platform independent. EduWeb requires a fair bit of initial configuration in each school and not all schools can perform that configuration, so they are excluded. All the technicalities of BlogEd are behind-the-scenes, making it accessible to all. EduWeb is all about teacher and student publishing – so is BlogEd. It doesn’t need the competition in its early stages, especially considering over 600 schools downloaded EduWeb this year. I planned to turn EduWeb 2007 into a blogging tool, but didn’t as I was told “BlogEd” (not that name then), was coming, so EduWeb continues its now 9 year-old technology.

        EduWeb’s served a great purpose for a long time for a lot of schools. It’s time we progress to Web 2.0 tools.

      • Audrey Nay says:

        I understand now
        glad that you’re okay with it all after all your hard work introducing and continually updating and improving the features of EduWeb.

  4. A very good move. I’m looking forward to its inception.

  5. Craig Snudden says:

    Look forward to using this with my students and helping other teachers at my school implement. My students are becoming keen bloggers and we are just beginning to use it more effectively in the classroom. Thanks Tim.

  6. Cathy Edwards says:

    No more unblocking requests!!! Yay!!!

  7. This is a major foundation stone in the Revolution. Great work. Now for the play.

    Any date on the Wiki release?

    • thand says:

      Victor- testing first release in Term 4, with final release date TBC

      • Ian McKee says:

        Have heard some whispers about Microsoft coming back into the fold with respect to the Wiki solution. If this is so and Sharepoint is the platform, then it will require significant development to suit the school environment.

      • thand says:

        Ian- always love a good riumour-lets just say we are considering a range of options…

  8. Ian McKee says:

    When do you plan on switching over?

    • thand says:

      Ian- putting me on the spot! Currently I’m using the DET blog (blogEd) to shadow this blog. However this has do be done manually-currently no way of importing. Bothy have their own Pros and cons depending on what is needed. BlogEd works well as a class/group based blog wheras this one is a personal space- ironic when that was always the intention of a blog- but they are evolving as collective ‘diaries/work spaces

      • Ian McKee says:

        Didn’t mean to put you on the spot 😉 I realise that this blog has a different intent and audience than the bulk of BlogEd uses and would most likely continue for ‘personal’ expression purposes. I expect that usage will remain outside of scope for the time being as the business rules are a “nightmare”.

        BTW If the Blog is BlogEd is the wiki – WikEd!

  9. Tony Searl says:

    Thanks for the update Tim. Look forward to getting our learners engaged with DET NSW blog.

  10. Ben Jones says:

    This is fantastic, schools will be pumped.

    Out of interest has any of the DET developed code been feed back into the Open Source repository for Apache Roller & Tiny MCE? It would be a great feather for DET’s cap if we have.

    Ben 🙂

    • thand says:

      Ben-wondering when this would come up. Yes in the spirit of the ‘opensource movement’ we should contribute back- but its only the Roller app which stands to benefit- but Apache have no expectations in this regards-its a commercial arrangement with them. The modifications are also specific to a system such as NSW DET. “opensource” ain’t that open any more..

  11. Audrey Nay says:

    Looking will we know when they blog is released?

    Are the blogs to be available for all teachers k-12?
    Are there any plans for wikis? moodle?

    For those who blog I am sure the transition will not be a problem but for the new adventurers..

    Will there be VC’s for schools to use for PD?
    Are there tutorials available for download etc?
    Will other blogs that have been developed and used still be able to continue there use.
    Cheers 🙂

    • thand says:

      Audrey- the blog will be made available to all DET (schools/TAFE) teachers in Term 1 next year. Final testing is being conducted within the current trial schools & TAFEs.

      • thand says:

        In answer to the last questions – resources will be available via the portal (videos/Pdfs/FAQs). A familiarisation package is also being trialled- but hopefully the blog is its own vehicle for ‘intuitive usage’ and promotion.

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  13. Maria says:

    It’s all very exciting. I’ve just enrolled in a BlogED familiarisation session for beginning of June through My PL@DET 🙂

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