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The Decisive moment

The demise of Kodak is a telling story for the digital age. The once near monopoly held by the company has been shattered by its failure to see the potential in its own invention. In its death throws the company … Continue reading

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UGC or not to UGC?

What is the future for learning resource production?  Up until recently media resource production demanded specialised skills both technical and in learning design. However a number of factors have changed which have led to the increasing ‘democratisation’ of resource production … Continue reading

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Lost in a garden

Two days off and no family or neighbours around,  time to dust off the secateurs and steal into the garden.  Mid winters days perfect for pruning, mulching and getting all those dormant plants ready for their summer awakening . After … Continue reading

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Digital literacy in a knowledge economy

Essay on the ABC website (thanks Ian) by John Hartley, is a good encapsualtion of the argument for fostering real critical literacies to create open innovation networks. Although schools and universities certainly teach “ICT skills” and even “creative practice”, so … Continue reading

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Killing creativity Pt2

This week witnessed another (public) school caught in the X fire between State and Federal politics. Davidson High’s performance in the annual Rock Eisteddfod with an anti-Iraq war piece, drew criticism from the local member, claiming it was deliberately initiated … Continue reading

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Killing Creativity

About to go off for my Guitar lesson when I came on this quote in a post from Wills blog; “The whole system of public education around the world is a protracted process of university entrance. And the consequence is … Continue reading

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