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The real barrier to IT adoption

In response to Dan Haesler’s piece For today’s learners , it just clicks.SMH Nov 14( Yes, NSW schools now have access to great learning technologies thanks in large part to the National DER initiative and our State Connected Classrooms Program. … Continue reading

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YouTube is finally available to DET NSW teachers- after years of frustration beating on doors. Access will of course allow teachers to plan, research, display and embed YT videos in their resources, within their working context . One giant step…for … Continue reading

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Sustaining narratives for the news age

The planets seemed to align lately with a few converging themes in relation to boredom thresholds and the atomisation of information. Harry Lewis voice at Googalization of Everything– ‘The factoids are not just instant; they are atomic. We keep e-mails … Continue reading

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MySpace cadets sliding into addiction

Miranda Devine’s reminder of the perils of technology (SMH April 4) are  timely, given the announcement this week of the $150 million schools laptop rollout. Just as TV did to a generation of children (myself included), we need to ward … Continue reading

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Real voices for cybersafety

After skimming another task force report (Harvard Law school) on cybersafety – I’m reminded how fresh and insightful Tom Woods comments are on the issue. Tom caused a stir two years ago when he was all of 16, and ‘hacked’ into the … Continue reading

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Debunking Digital natives

Christopher Scanlons piece in the Australian thows more cold water on the anthropological ‘natives’ theory (ref  earlier comments). Scanlon’s observations as a lecturer in journalism at Charles Sturt Uni give us more cause to dispute the assertion that the natives … Continue reading

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You’ve got mail

On the eve of relaunching email services for teachers and students in DET, its interesting to reflect on email. My daughter came home with her computer skills test last week, and going through the paper (like a IT concerned Dad), … Continue reading

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