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Pondering PLEs

Scott Leslies post on PLEs is a good collation of the elements he has observed when looking at  other PLEs.  Scott’s PLE Wiki is a handy reference point for some of the best representations and thinking in this area. The mistake made … Continue reading

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Types of learning

Wolfgang Greller describes four categories of learning- two of which non-formal & accidental should make a good addition to any consideration of ePortfolios/PLEs.

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An great presentation today with the CEO of Desire2Learn John Baker. Always wary of inviting vendors in the doors of a public education organisation (esp when they sniff the size of NSW). But any company fresh from doing battle with … Continue reading

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Learner in the digital knowledge space

Posting this modified version of the previous PLE representation. I started the modifications as a result of a presentation to the recent LAMS conference in Sydney (which I’ll post shortly).

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PLEs and the Institution

Scott Wilson’s depiction of the relationship between between institution and the students personal learning space is worth visiting. Although oriented more for the ‘mature’ or HE learner, it offers some good considerations: 1. Builds on existing Enterprise Institutional layer- consisting … Continue reading

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PLEs are what?

Colleague Janet Burstall sent this to me yesterday. Have you seen the discussion of PLE definitions going on in edna group? “I have picked out what I think is the most illuminating, useful post in the whole thing below – … Continue reading

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Achieving learning impact

This report from IMS Global Learning Consortium, looks at key trends in the use of technology to support learning. After 10 years of observing, four clear scenarios are identified: Rise of the learning platform [not sure what is defined by … Continue reading

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