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Cyberbullying forum

This weeks forum on cyberbullying was a day well spent out of the office. New (and young) faces from across Aus gave a welcome mix of opinion– the highlight was the two keynotes- Donna Cross (Edith Cowan) and Marylin Campbell … Continue reading

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The DET blog (BlogEd) is nearing full release – dates to be confirmed for Term 4. Below I’ve summarised key features which differentiate it from any ‘open’ blog. I’ll post a slide show after the hols.

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MySpace cadets sliding into addiction

Miranda Devine’s reminder of the perils of technology (SMH April 4) are  timely, given the announcement this week of the $150 million schools laptop rollout. Just as TV did to a generation of children (myself included), we need to ward … Continue reading

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Real voices for cybersafety

After skimming another task force report (Harvard Law school) on cybersafety – I’m reminded how fresh and insightful Tom Woods comments are on the issue. Tom caused a stir two years ago when he was all of 16, and ‘hacked’ into the … Continue reading

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After witnessing an incident with my daughter recently, and a mounting interest in this at work-the paper (thanks Jane) was timely.  ‘Confronting the Pedagogical Challenge of Cyber Safety’  highlights the paucity of empirical studies in educational contexts (‘pedagogical’ bit strong here). The … Continue reading

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Filters a no go

Seems like another argument against net filters is emerging as the previous Fed Govs NetAlert campaign undergoes a rethink. Piece by Heath Gilmour claims that the Rudd Government has branded a failure the $85 million software filter scheme to protect … Continue reading

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Net Alert-Coonans legacy

  Another legacy of the Howard gov. is revealed in the uncovering of misinformation provided in its advertising campaign warning of the dangers of the Net and in particular social networking sites. Peter Marees’ report exposes  the campaign was based on … Continue reading

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