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IWBs on a budget

Johny Lee blows away some  overheads in these two IWB demos, lets never assume we need to rely on the big end players to play…or learn   Advertisements

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Virtual ‘education’worlds

Inevitably the VW market is being carved up by commercial interests. Many of the usual suspects are moving through from the entertainment/gaming side and into ‘education’. It almost seems that people in the real education industry have left this domain … Continue reading

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Interactive White Board-primary lessons

Interesting to see the changes in my daughters primary school with the introduction of IWBs in every classroom.  Her teacher seems to have undergone (as the principal) described it – a rebirth in terms of teaching. Alice comes home and … Continue reading

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IWB positions

October hols roll around and DET NSW still poised to make an announcement on the procurement of IWBs (vendor support for one off placement) . My daughter’s primary school are fired up to purchase boards for every classroom. I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Interactive WhiteBoards coming to a school near you…

Many schools in NSW are in a flurry of interest regarding Interactive WhiteBoards-IWBs (would this have something to do with the State plans to provide one  for every school…). I’ve attached some presenations which we have done for various schools. … Continue reading

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