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Need for an LMS?

Darcy More’s post  on 10 things schools can do to facilitate  implementation of L4L, makes the comment that Moodle for schools is a key strategy. The DET  learning tools applications admittedly have been a little slow to emerge (blog only now … Continue reading

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Blogs in the institution

On the eve of trialling blogs in NSW DET, I’m wondering after many years of using traditional communications tools (forums, emails, listservs) , what the uptake will be. The use of traditional CMCs has been largely confined to teachers administrative and … Continue reading

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Moving to Moodle

Interesting case study in Educause on change management (now occupying my work time)- transitioning from a home grown LMS to Moodle. The author doesn’t dwell on the reason for the changes, however the lessons learnt are carefully noted.  While not explicitly … Continue reading

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SAKAI- model for Opensource

Michaels Feldsteins summary of the recent Paris Sakai love fest, would seem to throw the gauntlet down to other LMS apps. His account is interesting from two perspectives not just the endorsement of SAKAIs feature set and road map, but … Continue reading

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An great presentation today with the CEO of Desire2Learn John Baker. Always wary of inviting vendors in the doors of a public education organisation (esp when they sniff the size of NSW). But any company fresh from doing battle with … Continue reading

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Tools for Learning

Paper from Campus Wide Information Systems, tackles the increasing frustration of  LMS and the widening adoption of Web 2 tools for learning. Briefly put the traditional paradigm of which a LMS represents is being challenged by social networking tools. Already … Continue reading

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Learner in the digital knowledge space

Posting this modified version of the previous PLE representation. I started the modifications as a result of a presentation to the recent LAMS conference in Sydney (which I’ll post shortly).

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