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Autonomous schools- outed

Finally the curtain has been raised on the NSW Govs. intentions over autonomous schools- as the initiative now comes out of the trial phase and into implementation late April. While Public school principals have endorsed a NSW government … Continue reading

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NSW DET Netbooks

Lenovo is certainly getting its expected deal of press on the laptops for schools program. The S10e is an impressive device; for NSW DET- 8-9 hrs battery life, intelligent cycling, RFD/ RFI antitheft tagging-  certainly the company has risen to … Continue reading

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Loos or Laptops

The announcement from last weekends COAG meeting on the roll out of laptops for NSW public schools, has produced a frenzy of comments in the media. While most letters to the ditor raised the inevitable- ‘why can’t the money be … Continue reading

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More Shift happens

I know these are popular at the moment but this latest version is neat    

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Business of education

The recent TAFE:Doing Business in  the C21  possibly highlights the contradictions in  our approach to education. The paper espouses the need for a competitive environment- students are referred to as clients and the title of the doc says it all- not about education but doing … Continue reading

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Lessons in paradise

Spending some time last week in Fiji, visited a school on Malolo Levu island. It was the last day of term, so the kids were happy and appreciative, but like so many schools in emerging economies that seemed a regular … Continue reading

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Being digital citizens

Email from colleague Janet Burstall about a ‘Cybernite’ held at her daughters school (for parents and students) regarding being a digital citizen- great initiative. Wonder how many other schools are doing this? Time we (DET) thought of putting together a … Continue reading

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