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Becta & beyond

With the recent snuffing of BECTA, must also come the warning signals for similar organisations in many other western countries including Australia.  While an outpouring of comments might suggest messages are mixed on the success of BECTA, inevitably a structure … Continue reading

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An great presentation today with the CEO of Desire2Learn John Baker. Always wary of inviting vendors in the doors of a public education organisation (esp when they sniff the size of NSW). But any company fresh from doing battle with … Continue reading

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BECTA rejects Office 07

Yesterday Becta sent a formal complaint to the European Union against Microsoft- claiming their products do not suport open standards. BECTA says that Office 2007’s underlying format, known as Office Open XML, is not interoperable with software from other vendors.  … Continue reading

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Learning Re-Design

Reflecting back on previous ‘standards’ comments, I’m also starting to wonder about IMS Learning Design and ‘lowercase’ learning design. While the theory of LD is seductive at a theoretical level- like many standardised approaches to resource construction and activity sequencing … Continue reading

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Achieving learning impact

This report from IMS Global Learning Consortium, looks at key trends in the use of technology to support learning. After 10 years of observing, four clear scenarios are identified: Rise of the learning platform [not sure what is defined by … Continue reading

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What Standards?

Next installment on education technical standards….seems like they are going nowhere. Is IMS claiming ownership of learning design standards? Adoption of SCORM is proving to be of uncertain benefit and CORDRA where are the Dan Rehaks? So in terms of … Continue reading

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Web 2 interoperabilitiy

Got to admit…I’m struggling with the formal world of standards, and the interconnect with Web 2. While the standards world seems to have been engrossed in Mdata schemas, DRM, content packaging and learning design specifications etc. Web 2 applications are … Continue reading

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