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Need for an LMS?

Darcy More’s post  on 10 things schools can do to facilitate  implementation of L4L, makes the comment that Moodle for schools is a key strategy. The DET  learning tools applications admittedly have been a little slow to emerge (blog only now … Continue reading

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Blogs in the institution

On the eve of trialling blogs in NSW DET, I’m wondering after many years of using traditional communications tools (forums, emails, listservs) , what the uptake will be. The use of traditional CMCs has been largely confined to teachers administrative and … Continue reading

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IWBs on a budget

Johny Lee blows away some  overheads in these two IWB demos, lets never assume we need to rely on the big end players to play…or learn  

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Connected classrooms

Recently started working with NSW DET Connected Classrooms Program with a visit to one of the schools consequently equipped with the suite of interactive whiteboards & video conference equipment. Sitting in a classroom built in the 1800’s now with state of the art online … Continue reading

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More Shift happens

I know these are popular at the moment but this latest version is neat    

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Tools of the trade

New breed of Web 2 learning tools are appearing such as XTimeline (thanks Chris O’Neal). These I’d call conceptual mapping tools- rather than cognitive tools.  Xtimeline is a collaborative widget for creating, sharing & ranking timelines. I’d be interested in what … Continue reading

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Appreciative Enquiry

Reading more on AI recently (methodology for  looking at the health of an organisation).The general philosophy of seeking what is good – positive values in an organisation and the Appreciative Inquiry cycle of Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny can be … Continue reading

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