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Pre-teen networking

After chasing my daughter off Disney Channel she settles onto club Penguin for the afternoon…or so she thought. Michael Dwyer’s [Guardian] piece (thanks Ian), on pre-teen social networking, confirms all my notions about milking this lucrative market. While there’s lots … Continue reading

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PLEs and the Institution

Scott Wilson’s depiction of the relationship between between institution and the students personal learning space is worth visiting. Although oriented more for the ‘mature’ or HE learner, it offers some good considerations: 1. Builds on existing Enterprise Institutional layer- consisting … Continue reading

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At work at play…but not in schools

Adrienne Goehler (former Berlin senator for culture/media) recently quoted in a visit to Sydney “ The philosopher Theodor Adorno wrote ‘little distinguishes the intellectual lifestyle so deeply from the bourgeois as the fact that the former does not acknowledge the … Continue reading

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Re-form(al) learning

Increasingly I’ve been struck by the need for education systems to recognise and embrace the role of informal learning-but maybe thats an oxymoron. If we define informal learning as that mediated by a teacher/instructor, to a set curriculum- then informal … Continue reading

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Learning Re-Design

Reflecting back on previous ‘standards’ comments, I’m also starting to wonder about IMS Learning Design and ‘lowercase’ learning design. While the theory of LD is seductive at a theoretical level- like many standardised approaches to resource construction and activity sequencing … Continue reading

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