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Filtering education

The noise in the media and from teachers about the NSW Dept Education and Training filtering system, is getting louder. Stephen Downes, Jacinta Gascoigne, Techdirt, Mike Seyfang are all picking up on it from OS. Most teachers we talk with … Continue reading

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Wikipedia cleansing

Seems like WikiScanner is already outing the Aussie politicians-both Federal and State.  Firstly it was revealed (SMH) the department of Prime Minister and cabinet ‘cleaned up’ 126 entries-even removing Costellos nickname ‘Captain Smirk’. Now its revealed the NSW Premiers Dept … Continue reading

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Web 2 interoperabilitiy

Got to admit…I’m struggling with the formal world of standards, and the interconnect with Web 2. While the standards world seems to have been engrossed in Mdata schemas, DRM, content packaging and learning design specifications etc. Web 2 applications are … Continue reading

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Creating Learning Experiences

Konrad Glogowski’s Creating Learning Experiences is a good insight into scaffolding learning experiences using Web 2 tools [thanks Janet]. His five stage process: Discover, Define, Build, Immerse & Contribute are described in terms of using these tools. Konrad insists its … Continue reading

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Killing creativity Pt2

This week witnessed another (public) school caught in the X fire between State and Federal politics. Davidson High’s performance in the annual Rock Eisteddfod with an anti-Iraq war piece, drew criticism from the local member, claiming it was deliberately initiated … Continue reading

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School based social networking

Another significant survey on social networking- this one from NSBA (US) -gives us some more insights of teenage usage: 71 percent say they use social networking tools at least weekly. Almost 60 percent of students who use social networking talk … Continue reading

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Softly softly on Web 2

Organisations are at last coming to grapple with Web 2. and MCEETYA in Australia are both pondering over the pedagogical, organisational and policy issues associated with social technologies. JISCs Podcast throws up some good considerations, particularly the aspect of … Continue reading

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Reviewing some recent ePortfolio tools lately and it occurred to me that many of them are merely extensions of the LMS paradigm. Essentially teacher focused, event driven, assessment oriented and task driven. In other words a part of the existing … Continue reading

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Digital literacy in a knowledge economy

Rich piece from John Hartley (thanks again Ian), arguing the point for an open innovations network. Such a network will harness the energies of the whole population, not just those of ‘isolated expert elites’. In a Web 2 knowledge economy, … Continue reading

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Web2 implications for Professional Development

When presenting on the marvels of Web 2 tools Will Richardson relates his frustration that teachers see this as another practice for the classroom and not seeing the crucial step of themselves becoming the practitioners in order to deeply understand-and … Continue reading

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Killing Creativity

About to go off for my Guitar lesson when I came on this quote in a post from Wills blog; “The whole system of public education around the world is a protracted process of university entrance. And the consequence is … Continue reading

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