What does C21 learning look like?

Yesterdays seminar What does C21 learning  look like? – interesting day with Mark Pesce doing a great job of hosting what could be argued to be an event dominated by vendor interests. This was the formal agenda but thanks to an undercurrent in the twitter back channel, a parallel commentary was running.  Mark & Gary Putland tried to bring the channel into the mainstream conference. This is becoming an emerging  aspect to the conference format– with the informal chat running ‘underneath’ – both with conference attendees and those outside.  But maybe at the end of the day  its the more potent discourse. Provided some tweets below which captured the undercurrent. Must get an IPhone…

deangroom:  RT @morry_tweet: #edausem – disappointing day with regd to content. I was a twitter skeptic…after yesterday..i’m converted

mikecogh:  @roseg yeh – amazing how often and easily we revert to students being Gen Y and Z. They are just part of the story. #edausem
MrsAngell:  RT @marlenemanto: #edausem “Being in school is like being in a plane…unconnected, silent & staring ahead for long periods.” LOL <-a worry

sridgway:  #edausem being in an aeroplane isolated from your networks all sitting on rows … sounds like a DET NSW classroom to me :>

kerryank:  @deangroom why not let them use open source tools and not get tied to proprietary tools? #edausem
dbullen:  #edausem thinking that this panel should be the other way around – industry should be listening to educators
dbullen:  RT @heyjudeonline #edausem duty of care not about firewalls + walled gardens – its about helping kids be good creative citizens of the world
mpesce:  @mikecogh I’m hoping that’s (at least in part) because we did our best to get the backchannel into the mix at #edausem
katharinagerste:  #edausem Thanks all for today … the tweeting made the day much easier to sit through! Bit disappointed that VET wasn’t talked about more.
fang:  Smiling wryly at the ‘Vendor bashing’ running thru #edausem – you are a hard lot to please !! 😉

Mark nailed it saying change is about information and power, are educators willing to let go of control? #edausem

BolshieTeacher:  #edausem Perhaps we r being prevented frm achieving 21stC teach by vendors hijacking the agenda in the name of producing life long consumers
mollybob:  RT @AnneBB #edausem gen z & gen y are sooo tech savvy.. frm TElstra [really? this is a myth – and has been proven extensively!]

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I'm a currently working at NSW Departrment of Education & Training, Connected Classrooms Program, Sydney.
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7 Responses to What does C21 learning look like?

  1. darcymoore says:

    Hi Tim,

    Back channels are great. Here’s one of the recent ‘Leading a Digital School’ conference
    and a fledgling attempt from our recent annual DP conference in the Hunter Valley:

    We are setting up a back channel for ETA conference next term too.

  2. thand says:

    Darcy- I guess the challenge is 1. firstly recognising the validity of the backchannel and 2. how to blend it with the mainstream conference proceedings. certainly beats conference surveys!

  3. Ian McKee says:

    Hi Tim
    I’m sure the live event was great and the enthusiasm shows via the back channel HOWEVER I’m reading it without context (the Ustream link is failing to load) and it reads like an attack of the twittering class!

    Most Twitter posts read like chat. Chat has its place as an artifact offering some contextual colour to an event but it is rare to find a gem amid the dross. Hmmn maybe I did get out of bed on the wrong side today….is that worthy of Twitter?

    • thand says:

      Ian not a fan of the Tweet I think. Its a good tool for polling commentries as recently taking hold in Fed Parliament during question time. Thats a new democratic device-soon to be clamped down on I’d suspect…

  4. Ian McKee says:

    It is not Twitter per se that I have a problem with, merely the Twitterisation of public discourse and the surrounding hype. It is another version of “sound bite” reductionism.

    As well you know, different tools for different actions and it doesn’t offer too much to me at present. That said, I can think of a few educational uses for it and now I can add polling tool to the list. And your comment about the iPhone is relevant too as a portable easy-to-use input device makes this tool just that much more embedded.

  5. Ian McKee says:

    Some additional thoughts/links in regard to microblogging/Twitter:

    The main advantages cited by various pundits are that it is speedy, open and dialogue-based –

    While these are pluses in regard to its use as an adjunct to news media perhaps in education we could use a little more contemplation, clarity of thought and synthesis. I guess I am swimming (no make that dogpaddling) against the tide though when you see the volume of discussion about it as a tool – start here:

  6. Ian McKee says:

    Still looking for ideas about what C21st teaching will look like…. then check out this page from the Web 2.0 tools conference site from the Professional Teaching Council

    This site starts from the question:What IS 21st century pedagogy? It then examines the role of professional associations and how they might utilise social software.

    Nice to see that someone from within the PTC is thinking about how real professional learning communities can augment pedagogic practice.

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